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Sonam's Neerja Takeaway: Bravery is When You Act in the Face of Fear

date: February 18, 2016 | duration: 22:37

In an exclusive interview to NDTV, Sonam Kapoor, who plays protagonist Neerja Bhanot in her biopic, said: "Bravery is when you act in the face of fear. What am I doing? I am actually acting it out in Neerja. It's not actually me going through the process of what she went through."

  • Sonam's First Reaction When She Was Selected for Neerja

    When Sonam Kapoor learnt that she has been zeroed in to play the protagonist in Neerja, she wondered: "Why don't I know about Neerja Bhanot? Why doesn't my generation know about her?" She continued: "Because hers is an inspirational story. She was an ordinary girl, who became extraordinary because of the qualities that she had."

  • Youth Needs Role Models: Shabana Azmi

    "50 percent of our country is under the age of 25. I feel that the youth needs role models. And I think Neerja will provide that," she said.

  • Neerja is Like a Beacon of Hope: Sonam

    "What happened 30 years ago is reoccurring now. Someone like Neerja is a beacon of hope. Hopefully, this film is the same thing for a lot of young people," Sonam told NDTV.