We Hate


Is it just us or has Bollywood gone
OTT with tie-dye? Shilpa Shetty was
an early bird in a DreamSS set

Image Credit: AFP

Deepika Padukone, in Ninety Percent
sweats, fared relatively well as did

Alia Bhatt made passing grade in
shades of peach and pink

She was also on-trend in a tee.
From there, however, it was all

Malaika Arora's jeans veered
dangerously into tacky territory

Deepika again, this time in a tie-dye
jacket by Kanika Goyal

Janhvi Kapoor's explosion of colours
wasn't as cheery as she probably

Malaika's sister Amrita Arora also
delivered a tie-dye fail

Huma Qureshi's brown outfit was
dull as ditchwater

Shruti Haasan's styling was
something of a letdown

By the time Kanika Kapoor was
spotted at the airport wearing tie-
dye on tie-dye, we were done

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