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Once wasn't enough for this stormy couple. Both were married many times, twice to each other - 1964-74, then 1975-76

Elizabeth Taylor-Richard Burton

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They married in 2007 - a year later, it was annulled at her behest citing fraud. They married again in 2014, divorcing in 2015

Pamela Anderson-Rick Salomon

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They married in January 1976, separated in July and divorced in November. They were married again from 1989 to 1996

Melanie Griffith-Don Johnson

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They married in 2010 and divorced in 2012. They remarried in 2013, tried to divorce again in 2014 and finally did in 2016

Elon Musk-Talulah Riley

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The high school sweethearts had a daughter in 1995, married in 1999 and divorced in 2001

Eminem-Kim Mathers

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In 2006, Eminem and Kim briefly remarried, divorcing again the same year

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Their first marriage, 1957-1962, was annulled. They remarried in 1966 and remained married until the Italian producer's death in 2007

Sophia Loren-Carlo Ponti

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They married in 1957 and divorced in 1962. 10 years later, they remarried. In 1981, Natalie drowned in mysterious circumstances

Natalie Wood-Robert Wagner

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They married in 1929 - a decade later, they divorced. They wed again in 1940, this time staying married until Frida's death in 1955

Frida Kahlo-Diego Rivera

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