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Sometimes it's prosthetics, sometimes it's extra weight – ahead, just some of times that famous actors were absolutely unrecognizable on screen

Film Still

Film Still

Jared Leto

'House Of Gucci'

His performance has been panned but props for going all out to play eccentric designer Paolo Gucci

Film Still

Colin Farrell

'The Batman'

He certainly looks like Oswald Cobblepot, also known as The Penguin. Who he doesn't look like is Colin

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Tom Cruise

'Tropic Thunder'

Beneath the layers of the slimy Les Grossman is the very hunky Tom Cruise

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Meryl Streep

'Angels In America'

Not for nothing is she Meryl. Of the four roles she played in the miniseries, one was an old rabbi

Film Still

Christian Bale


Who better to play Dick Cheney than the master of physical transformation?

Film Still

Charlize Theron


Extra kilos and shaved eyebrows to play serial killer Eileen Wuornos equals an Oscar

Film Still

Glenn Close


When you are Glenn Close, nobody will even notice that a male character is played be a female

Film Still

Oscar Isaac

'X-Men: Apocalypse'

We'll admit to being a teeny bit disappointed that Apocalypse, the first mutant, didn't look like Oscar Isaac at all

Film Still

Cate Blanchett

'I'm Not There'

Cate is the only female among six actors to portray different facets of Bob Dylan in the film

Film Still

Billy Crystal

'The Princess Bride'

It takes a while to register that Miracle Max, with some of the film's best lines, is actually Billy Crystal

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Film Still