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Zardozi is a unique kind of intricate and elaborate embroidery where metal threads are sown on silk, velvet or satin fabrics

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Zardozi is derived from two Persian words – zar that stands for ‘gold' and dozi that means ‘sewing'


Iran, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Pakistan and India are some of the countries with a great prevalence of the embroidery skill in the world

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The designs are often created with gold or silver threads and beads, pearls and precious stones are then incorporated into it


Zardozi thrived in India under Mughal Emperor Akbar's rule. It was used for royal tents, wall hangings and decorative clothes

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Today, zardozi is primarily used extensively on Indian bridal trousseaus like lehengas, sarees and suits


Many bridal couturiers in the country like Sabyasachi and Manish Malhotra rely on skilled artisans who delicately create these masterpieces


Zardozi embellished outfits are extremely expensive not just for the precious threads used but also for the craftsmanship of hand poking every design on the ensemble

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