Bipasha Basu, Accused Of Being 'Unprofessional' At Fashion Show, Dismisses Reports As 'Utter Rubbish'

Bipasha Basu refuted the reports and said, "15 years you don't last any business being unprofessional. You last because you are clear and particular and have self respect"

  | March 07, 2017 18:26 IST (New Delhi)
Bipasha Basu

Bipasha and Karan are currently in London (Courtesy: bipashabasu)


  • Bipasha Basu reportedly backed out of a fashion show at the last minute
  • She has been accused of being 'unprofessional' by the organisers
  • "Hearing about a woman talking utter rubbish," tweeted Bipasha
Actress Bipasha Basu has denied that she behaved in an "unprofessional" manner, describing reports that she pulled out of a fashion show despite being paid an advance fee as "utter rubbish." She also called out the press for running the story. On Twitter, the 38-year-old actress wrote: "Hearing a con woman talking utter rubbish about my work ethics and some section of the media giving them space too. 15 years you don't last any business being unprofessional. You last because you are clear and particular and have self respect." Bipasha and her husband, actor Karan Singh Grover, are currently in London and were to close a fashion show. A talent scout for the show has accused Bipasha Basu of failing to honour the commitment.
Read what Bipasha Basu tweeted:
Karan Singh Grover posted this on Instagram:

Bipasha Basu was tweeting in response to a report in Mumbai Mirror that quoted Ronita Sharma Rekhi, the talent scout for the show, as saying: "Four hours before the show kicked off at 6pm, Bipasha flatly refused to come out of her hotel room or speak to anybody. When her manager who was accompanying her, Sana Kapoor of Caa Kwan Talent Management Agency Pvt Ltd., reportedly tried to cajole her to step out, she abused her and threw her out of the room, and also insulted London-based Gurbani Kaur, the founder and organiser of the show, slamming the door on her face. Five hours later, with Sana, and Ronita still waiting, Bipasha and Karan walked out of their room and without glancing at anyone walked out with a map of London in hand to explore the city."
Ms Rekhi also posted this on Facebook:

Bipasha Basu, a former model, is the star of films like Raaz, No Entry, Dhoom 2 and Race. She married her Alone co-star Karan Singh Grover in 2016 after a courtship of one year.

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